== What is it? ==
A Library of C# code that has been used in several freelance projects. This code was originally written for .NET v1.0 and several parts of it have been made redundant by newer releases of .NET. The svn version compiles and works with .NET v2.0 and newer.

== Features ==
The main features are:
* Object persistance layer
* Logging classes
* Basic MSN Messenger classes (login, create/particpate in chat, beginning of display picture code)
* SOCKS 5 TcpClient
* Template driven ASP.net Page based class
* Syntax highlighter control for ASP.net (see C# Code)
* Markup processor control for ASP.net (see C# Code)
* SMS message framework with two provider implementations

== Download ==
=== Development Version ===
Latest version which works with .NET 2.0 and newer via subversion:

=== Old Releases ===
These versions only work with .NET v1:
* [[/download/Melloware/Melloware-src.2005.01.31.zip|v2005.01.31]]
* [[/download/Melloware/Melloware-src.2005.03.31.zip|v2005.03.31]]
* [[/download/Melloware/Melloware-src.2005.05.24.zip|v2005.05.24]]

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