Displaying equations in webpages has always been a headache. The fallback of using images was always there, but in the age of blogs and other content creation tools editing, updating and maintaining images for equations is tedious.

MathML was an effort to standardise support in browsers, but the reality of it is that it only works out of the box in very few cases.

Whilst looking for a way to easily put equations into a WordPress blog, MathJax turned up. Have a look at some of the examples!

MathJax in WordPress

A quick search turns up a couple of WordPress plugins, of which I ended up using Latex for WordPress, which
allows me to easily put Latex syntax equations directly into posts.

$ $x = frac{-b pm sqrt{b^2 – 4ac}}{2a}$ $

$$x = \frac{-b \pm \sqrt{b^2 – 4ac}}{2a}$$

All in all excellent, 😉

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